The history of any group or company must be something, where the coming generations can take proud on achieving the milestones and if we talk about Greatway Group then we can boast off endless accomplishments achieved by the founder member who started this venture with a very modest beginning of starting the trend of tea transportation by road as a commission agent and his successors who brought this glory of pioneering the tea transportation by road instead of Railway which used to be the only medium to ferry tea from the north-east before The Great India Roadlines started a new era in the history of tea transportation.


  • 1967 Launched Operation from Silliguri (Great India)
  • 1969 Opened Branches at Amritsar & Gauwahati
  • 1971 Opened Branch at Mumbai
  • 1973 Established Branch Network in almost all Major Towns of India
  • 1985 Launched Operations of Greatway Carrying Corporation