Tea Transportation-Assam

Tea Transportation-Assam

Tea is one of the most popular and lowest cost beverages in the world. In older times tea was transported all over the world by ships called Clippers. Years ago inland waterways played an important role in transportation of Tea from the north eastern part to the main land India, but with the advent of road transport, water transport could not sustain its role.

Transportation of tea by road was pioneered by Greatway Carrying Corporation, We now specialize in road transport for the Tea industry from tea producing states of North East India and cater to over 50 tea estates in Assam with some of the largest tea manufacturers as our clients. The Tea is received at the gardens and transported to the warehouses and auction centers. In addition the tea is also transported between gardens or branches as required by the clients. We have a network of offices and agents in all major towns of India, which enables us to cater to the clients requirements.

We take proper care of tea containers in damp weather (rain, snow), the cargo is protected from moisture, since moisture may lead to mold growth and mustiness. We don't use hooks because they can tear or puncture the chests, resulting in loss of the contents.

Office : Kedar Road
Godown: Beltala
Contact: Mr. Pawan Garg
Phone: +0361-2512965

Office : Harak Chand Oil
& Rice Mill Complex,
Rice Mill Road
Contact: Mr. Jwala Prasad
Phone: +0376-2321118

Office : Bhuian Road (Jani Ganj)
Contact: Mr. J.M.Poddar
Phone: +03842-234047