Young Entrepreneur

Young Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has no bar on age, but nevertheless you get surprised to see some youngsters making it big as entrepreneurs. In the age where these youngsters could have simply did the usual things like high school, college, hangout joints, video games or bike rides, they went ahead and founded companies, gave seminars, wrote books, and became inspiring figures for all aspiring entrepreneurs irrespective of age.

As young people they have a natural affinity for technology. They grew up with it. And they’ve come to terms that there will always be a minimum of ten sites they visit every time they get on the Internet. By being tech savvy, they have more opportunities.

Managing Partner

  • Mr. Sushant Goyal

    Mr. Sushant Goyal is a Commerce Graduate followed by Masters in Computer Applications. With his efforts, Greatway is now shifted to online connectivity and process to achieve real time activity and computerization is over 90% and 100% in all major branches. He is currently heading the ERP implementation project, which is complete and maintenance and enhancement phase is continuing in the Company, He has been with the Company since 2011, looking after functions of IT and besides this he has also been overseeing other branches.